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La Liga, Bundesliga as Real Madrid returns

The live action just keeps on coming form Europe as games in the Bundesliga and La Liga are plentiful on Sunday, below is how to watch all of the action

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Woman hatches three ducklings from eggs she bought at Waitrose

We’ve all taken up time-intensive hobbies during lockdown to keep ourselves entertained. One woman has gone a bit further and given life to some duck eggs. Charli Lello, from Hertfordshire,

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Meatpacking workers often absent after Trump order to reopen

Smithfield Foods Inc [SFII.UL] is missing about a third of its employees at a South Dakota pork plant because they are quarantined or afraid to return to work after a

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Ford plans to launch its all-electric F-150 pickup truck by mid-2022

Tesla is not the only company with plans to release an all-electric pickup truck, though it certainly has a head start. Ford is working on its own electrified F-150 as

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Band-Aid Announces it Will Finally Make Bandages For Darker Skin Tones

In response to recent worldwide support for Black Lives Matters protests, Band-Aid announced last week that it will be expanding its product line to include bandages with a range of

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